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Good Day at Sacramento Indie Arcade

April 2017

While setting up our booth for Sacramento Indie Arcade, we had a quick interview with fellow video game enthusiast Deuce Mason from Good Day! Like us, he's a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, but we happen to like Tails too!

Watch the video below to see our quick chat with Deuce, and to find out more about the Sacramento Indie Arcade event!

ABC News 10 Segment on Game Development

April 2017

One of our local news stations, ABC News 10, did a segment on what video game development is like for small local teams like ours. We sat down with Irene Cruz to provide more insight on what goes into making a video game!

We hope the video below gives a better idea of the day in/day out of an independent game developer!

Modern Arcade at Sacramento Indie Arcade

April 2017

We chat with fellow locals, Modern Arcade, during the Sacramento Indie Arcade event to share what Armored ACORNs is all about!

The Proud Show at Sacramento Indie Arcade

April 2017

We run through Armored ACORNs with local internet show, The Proud Show at the Sacramento Indie Arcade event.

Our interview starts at 2:53, but do checkout the full video to see their excellent coverage of the event!

Davis Enterprise

April 2017

We sat down with Caleb Hampton from our local newspaper, the Davis Enterprise, to chat about Armored ACORNs. Check out the article below to see what we chatted about!

Fun fact: our Studio Head Person/Programmer, Paul, worked his first job at the Enteprise back in the late 90's!

Click here to go to the original article.

Omoroi Yankee Push-up Gaming

March 2017

Haigai from Omoroi Yankee has to beat indie games within a certain time limit or he'll have to do 100 reps of exercise! Can he beat Armored ACORNs within the time limit?

Check out the video below to find out!

VideoGame Bang!

January 2017

We first met the crew of Videogame Bang! at the Sacramento Indie Arcade event as their booth was right next to ours! A short time after they invited us onto their show to talk games and play a demo of Armored ACORNs!

Check out the video below to see how it all unfolded!

Darkside Junkie

January 2017

We met Sojex and Reaver from Darkside Junkie at a public playtesting event we held for Armored ACORNs. Despite us never being on a show before, they were kind enough to invite us onto theirs!

Note: the video says for mature audiences only, but we remember keeping it pretty clean!